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ed. RZ 9003-5 3LP Picture Discs
Ferdinand Kriwet: Radio Texts

Six radio texts by Ferdinand Kriwet (*1942) in a beautifully designed 3 LP Picture Discs Luxury Box.
Ferdinand Kriwet (*1942)
Ferdinand Kriwet (born in Duesseldorf in 1942) is a multimedia artist and poet who has produced many seminal films and sound works for radio and television, in particular throughout the 1960's and 1970's. His works 'Apollo Amerika' 1969 and 'Campaign' 1973, rank today as outstanding artistic documents of these spectacular events in the history of mankind. Kriwet created the work 'Apollo Amerika' whilst in America at the time of the moon launch, his aim being to compose a work of perception derived from all information he gathered on radio and television about the Apollo 11 launch. He describes these as "Hörtexts, Radio Texts" - radio pieces composed of noise and sound bite and samples. Kriwet's works are an attempt at communicating an idea of listening to something that constantly surrounds us on short, medium and long wave frequencies. His politically engaged and avant-garde approach was influenced by aesthetic and Conceptual currents in Constructivism, New Music, Beat Generation and Pop.

Six of Kriwets legendary 'Sehtexts' (visual texts) reproduced on six picture disc LPs combined with six of his legendary Hörspiel works / sound collages originally broadcast on German radio and previously unreleased: 'Apollo America' (1969), 'Voice of America' (1970), 'Campaign' (1973), snapshots of American media at the beginning of the 1970s; 'Radioball' (1975) and 'Ball' (1974), reflecting soccer sports in Germany in the 1970s; and 'Radio' (1983).

Ferdinand Kriwet  ed. RZ 9003-5 Cover   Picture Discs, breit
Kriwet-Box: Cover + Picture Discs

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