ED. RZ 1013 CD AND ED. RZ 1006 LP

Jani Christou (1926 - 70)

Enantiodromia, Praxis, Epicycle, Anaparastasis III "The Pianist", Mysterion, Anaparastasis I "The Baritone", Praxis For 12

Enantiodromia for orchestra (Oakland S.O.; Ltg. Gerhard Samuel)

Praxis for string orchestra and piano (Rundfunkorchester Hannover,NDR; piano: Georges Pludermacher; Ltg. Michel Tabachnik)

Epicycle (Tape Version, Jani Christou)

Anaparastasis III "The Pianist" for ensemble, tapes and one actor (Actor: Grigoris Semitekolo; Ensemble "musik unserer zeit", Ltg. Theodore Antoniou)

Mysterion (Prolog und Sprechertext, Zuspielbänder)

Anaparastasis I "The Baritone" for baritone and chamber ensemble and small choir (Baritone: Spyros Sakkas; Ensemble "musik unserer zeit", Sinnhofer Quartett, Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Ltg. Jaroslav Opela)

Praxis For 12 for 11 string instruments and 1 pianist (Orchestra da Camera dell'Academia, Klavier und Ltg. Piero Guarino)

The Christou release was also available on LP (Ed. RZ 1006) which did not contain the last two recordings (Praxis for 12 and Anaparastasis I). The LP is out of print, only the CD (Ed. RZ 1013) is currently available.

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