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ed. RZ 1038-39 2CD
Jakob Ullmann: Müntzers stern / solo II

Fresh release in April '18! 2CD set with recordings of two compositions by Jakob Ullmann: Müntzers stern und solo II for bassoon, played by Dafne Vicente-Sandoval
Cover Design: Ott + Stein, Berlin; Scan: Christine Berkenhoff
CD 1: MÜNTZERS STERN for bassoon solo
[ 2014/15, dedicated to Dafne Vicente-Sandoval | 51'56'']

Dafne Vicente-Sandoval: bassoon

Recorded on 07/26/2016 in Klosterkirche Pforta

Between 2014 and 2016 Jakob Ullmann composed the orchestral work steine, feuer, sterne (stones, fire, stars). This work is based on a largely modular structure, with the result that individual sections can also be played outside of a complete performance, solo or in predetermined combinations. One section among these is the section for a solo bassoon, which may be performed independently under the title Müntzers stern.

Foto: Frank Bauer
[ 1992 / Revised for bassoon 2010 / Elaboration 2016 | 54'20'' ]

Dafne Vicente-Sandoval: bassoon

Recorded on 11/10/2016 in Kartäuserkirche (Bürgerliches Waisenhaus) Basel

solo II is part of a group of works with the title Buch der Stille 1 (Book of Silence 1) trägt. This is a series of solo pieces for flute / oboe da cacchia (solo I), trombone / bassoon (solo II), organ (solo III), low string instrument (solo IV), and piano (solo V ), all of which were developed from the same compositional idea; the series is a generalisation of disappearing musics, itself a composition for three winds, two strings and two pianos written between 1989 and 1991. The individual solo compositions can be performed separately, as well as in all combinations simultaneously.

After Jakob Ullmann had met John Cage in person on the occasion of a Cage festival organised by the Deutschlandfunk in 1990, this encounter developed into a lengthy and intensive exchange of ideas which had considerable impact on the compositional process that Ullmann was concerned with at the time, specifically of soli I, II and III, finished in 1992 . The pieces can therefore be rightly considered as a reflection and result of this exchange of ideas, which related in particular to questions of notation and its relation to compositional strategies for the liberation of performer and listener.

Text: Hans-Peter Schulz / Translation: Peter Gebert

Weitere Texte

Dafne Vicente-Sandoval who spread the word about Ullmann with a unique way of playing her bassoon, gives some explanations on her working on both compositions in her paper

Dialogue avec le silence : interpréter la musique de Jakob Ullmann

(available are the original text in French as well as an English translation by Charles Curtis).

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